Case studies

Below is a selection of our most significant project experiences around the world. Feel free to explore.


Cost-Benefit Analysis for the investment in electric vessels

TTSL – Transtejo Soflusa is Lisbon’s metropolitan area public service provider for inland waterway transport across the Tagus River. TTSL is responsible for moving around 16.5 million passengers between the north and the south banks of the capital’s metropolitan area. Transtejo runs three lines (Lisboa-Almada, Lisboa-Seixal and Lisboa-Montijo), with Soflusa running the line between Lisboa […]


Urban and regional mobility plan for the Autonomous Region of Madeira

VTM developed the Urban and Regional Mobility Plan for Touristic and Other Special Events (PURMET) that occur in the Autonomous Region of Madeira (ARM). The ARM is an archipelago located in the Northern Atlantic, and has a strong tourism vocation with growing demand levels. PURMET included four touristic and cultural events, namely Flower Festival (Festa […]


Traffic outlook for the Itínere toll road portfolio

Corsair appointed VTM as its Traffic and Revenue Advisor to perform a traffic valuation of part of Itínere’s tolled motorways portfolio, comprising five concessions. The appointment consisted of developing detailed traffic analysis and T&R projections with the following objectives: Have a clear and updated view of the current traffic volumes and the most likely traffic […]


Traffic and revenue forecasts for the Ruta 78 concession

VTM was appointed by CINTRA Servicios de Infraestructuras, S.A. to prepare an independent traffic and revenue (T&R) forecast study for the “Santiago – San Antonio (Ruta 78) Second Highway Concession” tendered by the Ministry of Public Works of Chile (MOP). Ruta 78, also known as Autopista del Sol, is a crucial 130-kilometer highway connecting Santiago with […]


Sustainable mobility plan for Lagoa, Azores

The Sustainable Mobility Plan for the city of Lagoa, Azores, aimed to provide a concerted and congruent strategy that could diagnose Lagoa’s mobility and transport system, while triggering a strategy and a set of goals in order to increase the mobility and enhance the territory as an accessible, attractive and more sustainable one. The city […]


Demand study for the implementation of a BRT in Braga

VTM was engaged by Transportes Urbanos de Braga (TUB) to conduct a demand study for a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system in Braga. The study aimed to support the client in assessing the feasibility of implementing such a system in the city. In 2021, TUB, in collaboration with Braga’s Municipal Council, had already developed a […]


Logistics and Material Handling Optimisation Study

In Europe, lithium hard‐rock mineral deposits are located in Portugal, Czechia, Finland, Germany, Spain and Austria. Significant brine resources also exist in Germany. Currently, imports from Australia cover most of the EU’s demand for lithium concentrates, while Chile is by far the EU’s largest supplier of refined lithium compounds. The primary producers are Australia (55%), […]


Transtejo public service contract management and KPIs

VTM was appointed by Transtejo, the ferry operator that provides ferry services connecting the two banks of the Tagus River in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, to assist in managing and calculating key performance indicators included in the public service contract and conducting the user satisfaction survey. Transtejo – Transportes Tejo, S.A. has signed a public […]


Bid support for the local and regional bus lines services in the Oporto Metropolitan Area

VTM was appointed by Scotturb to assist in preparing bids for the public tender to provide public road passenger transport services in the Oporto Metropolitan Area. As the region’s transport authority, the Oporto Metropolitan Area (AMP) launched a public tender in 2019 to contract the public passenger transport service in its territory. The tender includes […]


Bid support for the local and regional bus lines services in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area

Scotturb appointed VTM to assist in preparing bids for the public tender to provide public road passenger transport services in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area. As the region’s transport authority, the Lisbon Metropolitan Area (AML) launched a public tender in 2019 to contract the public passenger transport service in its territory. The tender includes the submission […]


Commercial due diligence for the investment in a car parking company

VTM was appointed by TIIC Advisor SAS to perform a commercial due diligence relation to an investment, by way of share capital increase representing a minority stake, in Placegar – Gestão de Estacionamentos, Lda, the 4th largest car parking player in Portugal, with operations both on-street and off-street of over 15,500 spaces, mainly located in […]


Technical and operational due diligence for the acquisition of Arriva’s Portuguese bus operations

VTM was appointed by an international investor, who was aiming to acquire Arriva’s Portuguese public mobility operations, to carry out a technical and operational due diligence of the Seller’s business case regarding the (at the time) recently won contract for the Lot 3 operations. Lot 3 operations comprises the municipalities of Almada, Seixal and Sesimbra, […]


Evaluation of alternatives of expansion and cost-benefit analysis for Lisbon Metro

VTM was initially appointed by Metropolitano de Lisboa to assess and prioritize the options for the system’s expansion. Subsequently, a cost-benefit analysis was carried out for the preferred alternative. Four alternatives were firstly evaluated: The extension of the yellow line Extending yellow line and linking it to the green line Creating a new circular line, […]


Study of the adhesion to a new food & beverage concept at Porto Airport

ANA Aeroportos, specifically through its Non-Aviation Commercial Department, required an assessment of the commercial offer in the Food & Beverage area at Oporto Airport. To this end, ANA Aeroportos selected VTM to develop this study, which included conducting face-to-face surveys in two distinct areas of the airport in question. The main objective of the study […]


B2B study to evaluate airline customer satisfaction at five international airports

ANA Aeroportos, as the managing entity of the Portuguese airports, has as its main customers the Airline Companies that operate in the different airports that ANA manages and administers. Aiming to provide a service of excellence, ANA Aeroportos assessed the level of satisfaction with the quality of service provided at the 5 Portuguese International Airports. […]


Evaluation of the satisfaction on the PRM Assistance service at Lisbon Airport

In its mission to continuously improve the services provided to passengers and in response to the agreement with airlines under the Airport Service Quality Regimen (RQSA), ANA Aeroportos periodically evaluates the level of satisfaction with the MyWay service in the five main Portuguese airports, and tries as well to identify constraints and opportunities for improvement. […]