Cost-Benefit Analysis for the investment in electric vessels


TTSL – Transtejo Soflusa is Lisbon’s metropolitan area public service provider for inland waterway transport across the Tagus River. TTSL is responsible for moving around 16.5 million passengers between the north and the south banks of the capital’s metropolitan area. Transtejo runs three lines (Lisboa-Almada, Lisboa-Seixal and Lisboa-Montijo), with Soflusa running the line between Lisboa and Barreiro. In order to promote a safer, more efficient and sustainable transport, Transtejo was looking to invest in the acquisition of 10 new electric vessels with the financial support of POSEUR (Operational Programme for Sustainability and Efficient Use of Resources).

VTM was hired to provide Transtejo with a Cost-Benefit Analysis regarding this potential investment, as well as supporting the Client with posterior communications with POSEUR and with the Portuguese Court of Auditors. Our work included assessing the CAPEX and OPEX requirements linked to the investment and compare the results with the base-line scenario, which for the project was Transtejo running its operations with their, at the time, current fleet.

Our work helped the Client to obtain the Court of Auditor’s visa for the investment, which is now currently ongoing.







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Cost-Benefit Analysis