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Our clients rely on us for a variety of assignments in both the traditional transport sectors and the ongoing energy transition challenges.

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Airports are key transport infrastructure to our way of life today and in the foreseeable future. Airports alongside with airlines generate opportunities for economic development and are a key infrastructure for the tourism industry, as people increase their propensity to travel.

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The energy transition towards more sustainable transport systems is one of the main challenges the sector will be facing in the coming decades. This transition will require a full change in fuels and propulsion technologies with minimal impact on the movement of people and goods.

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Our team possesses extensive expertise in conducting traffic impact studies for both major mobility hubs and parking facilities.

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Ports and maritime transport are the backbone of global supply chains and of international trade. We at VTM Global have a sound understanding of the importance of these infrastructure, of the services they provide, of the maritime routes they support and of their local and global impact.

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Public transport systems are currently faced with complex challenges: the new post-pandemic mobility patterns, the financial balance and sustainability of public service contracts, the energy transition investments and technology changes, and the pressure and experiments under way on lower or zero fares.

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Railways have, in our opinion, a past, a present and a future on both passenger and freight transport. Rail infrastructure is globally in need of heavy investments on all segments as it plays a key role on the energy transition to net zero and on the efficient mobility of passengers and goods.

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Roads are, since the Roman times, the main transport infrastructure in most countries. Their provision unlocks immediate economic growth as opportunities are generated with the increase of accessibility. The provision of roads involves planning, design and delivery.

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In an age when environmental awareness is not just a choice but a necessity, and both companies and public institutions increasingly need to make the best use of financial resources, sustainable mobility is at the forefront of building a greener and more efficient future.

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We can support you at any stage of a project's lifecycle, from frameworks and strategic advice to operational support on an existing infrastructure or service.

Strategic advisory

Market analysis
Cost-Benefit Analysis
Feasibility and impact studies
Business modeling
Contract design
Regulation and competition
EU-funded projects

Commercial advisory

Transaction advice (demand and revenue, commercial, technical)
Procurement advice
Bid support
Financial modeling

Operational advisory

Asset management
Operations monitoring
Network and fares optimization
Customer satisfaction
Contract renegotiation, litigation and arbitration