Parking and traffic impact

We have extensive experience in traffic impact studies for large mobility generators and car park planning and valuation.

The construction or renovation of significant mobility generators, such as shopping malls, hospitals, office parks, and mixed-use developments, often occurs in intricate urban settings where they can exert a substantial impact on mobility.

Similarly, the establishment of new parking facilities, while providing an expansion in parking availability, can potentially modify the distribution of traffic flows and necessitate meticulous planning. Conversely, these may yield interesting financial returns.

Our team possesses extensive expertise in conducting traffic impact studies for both major mobility hubs and parking facilities, serving various purposes, including urban planning, feasibility assessments, or to perform due diligences for transactions.

Services included

Market analysis
Feasibility and impact studies
EU-funded projects
Transaction advice (demand and revenue, commercial, technical)
Bid support
Operations monitoring
Network and fares optimization
Customer satisfaction