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VTM addresses gender inequality in the transport sector labour market

An insightful scientific article by the VTM team has just been published on a specialised journal. The transport sector is a traditionally male-dominated one, both from an employment point of view and for the values it embodies. It has the stigma of being dominated by a “macho” culture and it has been regarded as “no […]

VTM at the International Congress on Sustainable School Mobility

“A developed country is not a place where the poor have cars. It’s where the rich use public transportation ” – so Gustavo Petro reminds us. [Portuguese and Spanish translation below]   This statement couldn’t be more in line with the national and international vision of mobility. In fact, it is a perfect reflection of […]

Our Team grows

We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to our talented team at VTM – Niccolò da Settimo Passetti, who has recently joined us as Senior Consultant! With his addition, VTM moves one important step forward in the growth of the recently founded Milan office. With an academic background in management and economics, Niccolò brings […]

Inauguration of the Concession of the El Loa Airport at Calama, Chile

We are overjoyed to congratulate our esteemed clients, Sacyr Chile and AGUNSA, on the inauguration of the concession of the El Loa Airport at Calama, Chile. It is a significant achievement that reflects their dedication, expertise, and the vision to transform the future of aviation in the region and in the whole country. At VTM, […]

VTM for sustainable transport

Sustainability and the energy transition are a clear target for most companies nowadays. We witness this in our client meetings, when this topic is increasingly the core of our talks – be them with public entities, investors or private enterprises. We are all conscious that we must all do our part to cut emissions globally, […]

Are EVs and AVs solutions for urban congestion?

It is undeniable that electric vehicles (EVs) pollute less than diesel vehicles. It is worth mentioning that this statement does not consider the source of the energy power and emissions related to manufacturing processes. But let’s assume that, theoretically, EVs are a greener choice. And what about Autonomous vehicles (AVs)? Although this technology is at […]

VTM presented the Mobility and Transport Plan for the 2023 World Youth Day

Last Friday, VTM presented the Mobility and Transport Plan for the World Youth Day that will take place in Lisbon, from 1 to 6 August 2023. After long months of work, successive meetings with various entities, our VTM colleague Isabel Pimenta was able to present how a consensus was reached among various stakeholders on strengthening […]

The Intersection of Big Data and AI in Mobility

As we stride into the era of smart cities, data is the new oil, powering unprecedented transformations in our transport systems. With the surge of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI), we’re not just enhancing mobility but revolutionizing it. From predicting traffic patterns and optimizing routes to improving safety measures and sustainability practices, AI and […]

The Portuguese international airports have already recovered 2019 air traffic figure

At VTM we closely follow the developments in the Aviation & Airports market. It is extremely important for us to keep abreast of market trends so to be always well prepared to provide services with the excellence level expected by our clients. Looking at the various geographies in which we are present, we highlight the Portuguese […]

VTM on the side of the EU for gender equality in transport

Last week, Brazil’s “Guarded Bus Stop” outdoor campaign was awarded a gold lion at the Cannes Lions Festival, the “Oscars” of the media, marketing and creativity industry. This recognition highlights the importance of promoting gender equality in the transport sector by addressing travellers’ security perceptions, one of the most critical aspects determining travel satisfaction. In […]

La liberalización del transporte por ferrocarril en España conlleva un sustancial incremento del tráfico de pasajeros en 2023

Con la liberalización del transporte de pasajeros por ferrocarril a partir de mayo de 2021, tres nuevos operadores de servicios de ferrocarril de Alta Velocidad empezaron a operar en la red de AV de España: OUIGO (SNCF), IRYO (Trenitalia, Air Nostrum y Globalvia) y AVLO (el AVE de bajo coste de RENFE). De acuerdo con el […]

VTM selected as the service provider for ASQ surveys at the five major Portuguese airports

VTM is thrilled to announce that we have been selected as the service provider to conduct the Airport Service Quality (ASQ) surveys at the five major Portuguese airports starting from April 1st, 2023! The ASQ Surveys, coordinated by ACI World – Airports Council International, play a crucial role in assessing passenger satisfaction and improving airport services […]