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New regulations for charter coach services: understanding changes to legal driving times under regulation 561/2006

The European regulation 561/2006 is a legal act designed to ensure road safety by preventing driver fatigue and promoting adequate rest periods. Compliance with legal driving times is crucial in the transport industry, specifically for drivers of coaches, buses, and trucks. In other words, this regulation affects both passenger and freight industries. This regulation establishes […]

Exploring GTFS static and realtime data in public transport planning

Originally developed by Google in 2005 to power its Maps and Transit services, the General Transit Feed Specification – known as GTFS – offers a structured and uniform method for public transit agencies to publish their schedules, routes, and geographic information. This standardised format serves as the backbone of modern transit data management, enabling seamless […]

A brief introduction to hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

This is the second article of a trilogy about the application of hydrogen technologies in transport. The first one can be found here.   During the previous decade, we have witnessed a pivotal shift in the automotive industry, steering away from traditional internal combustion engines (ICE) towards more sustainable alternatives. Among these, fuel cell vehicles […]

Insights on the energy transition challenges for the bus sector

In April, VTM was present at the Bus2Bus trade fair in Berlin. This conference is one of the main events for the European bus and supplier industry. It was a fantastic opportunity to identify this sector’s hottest trends and talk with people from the industry, mainly bus and electric charging infrastructure manufacturers. In parallel to […]

How VTM employs cutting-edge technology for data-driven solutions

In recent years, the mobility sector has undergone rapid transformations, with ride-hailing apps, electric scooters and autonomous shared vehicles at the forefront of revolutionising urban travel. Similarly, the improvement in modern data sources has been significant, which VTM has seamlessly incorporated into its projects. Through the integration of innovative, AI-powered data sources, we are capable […]

Transformative trends in Aviation

As we already discussed in a previous post, the aviation sector is tackling a significant challenge head-on: reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. At VTM, we understand the importance of sustainability in the transport industry, and we are thrilled to see the progress being made towards a greener future. In the Aviation & Airports area, Sustainable […]

Opportunities for sustainable mobility and economic growth

“When you develop new cycling infrastructure, you create new markets.” (Tony Grimaldi, President of Cycling Industries Europe) In the face of persistent congestion that undermines the efficiency of transport systems and diminishes the quality of life in urban areas, a landmark initiative was put in place by the European Union, signalling a fundamental moment for […]

VTM at the forefront: insights from Urban Mobility Conference 2024

On April 10th, VTM was present at the Urban Mobility Conference 2024 organized by Soiel International in Milan. The event focused on the topics of the new urban mobility and smart cities: sustainability, multimodality, digitalisation, and safety. Several public and private entities joined the conference and shared their visions, supported on case studies of planned […]

Rui Rocha joins VTM to strengthen our Public Transport team

We are very happy to announce our brand-new hire, Rui Rocha, who joins our Madrid office as a Consultant to contribute to projects related to public transport operations. Rui holds an academic background in Geography and Transport Planning and his professional career was dedicated to sustainable mobility, transport planning, cartography and GIS analysis. Over the […]

The decarbonisation targets of the maritime sector

The maritime industry, one of the most important in the world due to its impact on the growing global logistics and, consequently, the global economy, is taking significant steps towards achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, seeking to adapt and overcome dependence on fossil fuels by adopting electric technologies. Although slightly lagging behind other sectors of […]

Demystifying hydrogen and its application to urban mobility

In recent years, the quest for sustainable and efficient urban mobility solutions has directed attention towards hydrogen as a promising alternative to fossil fuels. Characterised by its clean combustion, which only emits water vapour, hydrogen has the potential to revolutionise the urban mobility sector. Integrating ESG goals within the urban mobility sector, particularly through the […]

Is free-of-charge transport a means of promoting sustainability?

We are proud to highlight VTM Global’s participation in the transformative “A Gratuitidade nos Transportes Públicos” (The Free Public Transportation) conference, where our partner, Nuno Soares Ribeiro, moderated a discussion on “Políticas de financiamento da gratuitidade dos serviços” (Policies of Financing the Gratuity of Services). This event, a collaboration with Oeiras Municipality and key partners, […]

VTM at the Women in Transport conference

Our colleague Isabel Pimenta participated today in the 1st conference in Portugal on Women in Transport, organized by AMT – the Portuguese Mobility and Transport Authority -, presenting the VTM study “Employment and gender inequalities: Towards a more cohesive and gender-neutral transport sector in Portugal”. The event included two panels, the first alluding to women […]

VTM ranked fourth in Infralogic’s prestigious Transport Advisory Table for 2023

It is with great pride that we announce a significant milestone in our journey: VTM ranked fourth in number of deals in the 2023 Infralogic transport transactions advisory ranking table. Infralogic, a renowned global authority in infrastructure and transport analytics, provides comprehensive insights and analyses across the transport sector. Their Advisors Ranking Table is highly […]

Toll Roads in Portugal – What Next?

Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in the road sector have significantly contributed to the delivery, operation, and maintenance of motorway infrastructure in Portugal. Since 1998, private investment in the road sector has exceeded 14.000 million euros, nearly doubling the length of the national motorway network to over 3,000 km, turning it into the 4th largest in Europe […]

Airports 4.0 – Biometric Identification at Lisbon and Oporto Airports

At the beginning of 2024,  the installation of biometric identification equipment at Lisbon and Oporto Airports was announced. This cutting-edge technology, which is a testament to their commitment to innovation and efficiency in air travel, will not only streamline passenger processes but also elevate security standards, ensuring a seamless journey for travellers. VTM therefore takes […]