Airports and aviation

In the Airports and aviation sector, we have been serving clients ranging from airport operators to investors and project sponsors, from financing institutions to public sector agencies.

Airports are key transport infrastructure to our way of life today and in the foreseeable future. Airports alongside with airlines generate opportunities for economic development and are a key infrastructure for the tourism industry, as people increase their propensity to travel.

These factors combined have led to increasing infrastructure specialization to accommodate the specific need or low cost carriers and passengers, the more demanding executive travel, air cargo and the need to improve the customer experience as a whole at airports. Furthermore, airports will soon enter a new era when aircraft start using more environmental friendly fuels, as these will need to be stocked and provided.

We advise airport operators, investors and project sponsors, financing institutions and public sector agencies in their respective challenges.

Services included

Market analysis
Cost-Benefit Analysis
Feasibility and impact studies
Business modelling
Regulation and competition
EU-funded projects
Transaction advice (demand and revenue, commercial, technical)
Procurement advice
Bid support
Financial modelling
Asset management
Operations monitoring
Network and fares optimization
Customer satisfaction
Contract renegotiation, litigation and arbitration