We have an experience of hundreds of projects in the Roads sector, assessing project sponsors, bidders, operators and financial institutions worldwide.

Roads are, since the Roman times, the main transport infrastructure in most countries. Their provision unlocks immediate economic growth as opportunities are generated with the increase of accessibility. The provision of roads involves planning, design and delivery.

Whereas in parts of the world the existing road network is of good or acceptable quality, many parts of the world are in absolute need of upgrading theirs, or of building new roads incorporating new standards.

We at VTM have been involved in the public and private provision of roads across the globe and our experience ranges from the provision of rural roads in remote territories of low- and middle-income countries to very complex Managed Lanes projects in large and wealthy metropolitan areas.

Services included

Market analysis
Cost-Benefit Analysis
Feasibility and impact studies
Business modelling
Contract design
Regulation and competition
EU-funded projects
Transaction advice (demand and revenue, commercial, technical)
Procurement advice
Bid support
Financial modelling
Asset management
Operations monitoring
Network and fares optimization
Customer satisfaction
Contract renegotiation, litigation and arbitration