Public transport

VTM has gained extensive experience in the public transport sector, having built fruitful collaborations with different types of actors in this field in the last decades.

Public transport systems are currently faced with complex challenges: the new post-pandemic mobility patterns, the financial balance and sustainability of public service contracts, the energy transition investments and technology changes, and the pressure and experiments under way on lower or zero fares.

It is under these challenges that public transport systems have to operate and, ideally, increase their importance on the populations’ lives and visitors’ experiences.

We have a good understanding of public transport systems and hands-on experience on supporting PTA’s, regulators, operators and multilateral agencies tackle these challenges.

Services included

Market analysis
Cost-Benefit Analysis
Feasibility and impact studies
Business modelling
Contract design
Regulation and competition
EU-funded projects
Transaction advice (demand and revenue, commercial, technical)
Procurement advice
Bid support
Financial modelling
Asset management
Operations monitoring
Network and fares optimization
Customer satisfaction
Contract renegotiation, litigation and arbitration