Energy transition

Clients increasingly rely on us in assessing the new challenges the transport market is facing and to seize the opportunities this process implies.

The energy transition towards more sustainable transport systems is one of the main challenges the sector will be facing in the coming decades. This transition will require a full change in fuels and propulsion technologies with minimal impact on the movement of people and goods.

At VTM we have been supporting our clients in the introduction of electric-powered vehicles in public transport buses and vessels, in logistic solutions and in developing EV charging networks and business models. We have also supported the European Commission in developing strategic studies regarding the future challenges and perspectives of this transition process and how to support local authorities at best.

We support transport operators, public sector agencies and private investors in assessing the opportunities arising from the energy transition towards sustainability in the wider transport sector.

Services included

Market analysis
Cost-Benefit Analysis
Feasibility and impact studies
Business modelling
Regulation and competition
EU-funded projects
Transaction advice (demand and revenue, commercial, technical)
Bid support
Financial modelling
Network and fares optimization