Commercial due diligence of an EV charging point operator


VTM was appointed by an infrastructure fund as Commercial Due Diligence Advisor in assessing a potential equity investment in a company specialized in building and operating an infrastructure for charging Electric Vehicles (“EV”) – one of the top players in such market in Italy.

The assessment initially required providing an overview of the EV market both nationally and worldwide, in terms of historical vs. expected sales and market shares, regulatory framework and future challenges. Furthermore, the national EV charging market was investigated in what regards competitors, locations and prices, among others.

The focus was then shifted to the specific company under study. Following the analysis of all the information available and the management meeting, both quantitative and qualitative technical judgement was provided to the client on the company’s points of strength and weakness with respect to energy supply, pricing, commercial strategy, available tools, offer scalability, therefore on the sustainability of the assumptions included in the financial plan.

The opinion provided helped the client take a very well informed decision on the investment opportunity.







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