B2B study to evaluate airline customer satisfaction at five international airports


ANA Aeroportos, as the managing entity of the Portuguese airports, has as its main customers the Airline Companies that operate in the different airports that ANA manages and administers.

Aiming to provide a service of excellence, ANA Aeroportos assessed the level of satisfaction with the quality of service provided at the 5 Portuguese International Airports. This assessment of the quality of service allowed the identification of constraints and opportunities for improvement, through which ANA tried to enhance a better efficiency of processes and a better functioning of the organization.

With an extensive knowledge of the Aviation & Airports area and having already worked with both airports and airlines, VTM was selected to assist ANA in this B2B study to assess Airline Customer Satisfaction.

The evaluation of the airline company satisfaction was carried out through interviews, mostly face-to-face, with key interlocutors from the different airlines, with due preponderance in the commercial, operational and financial areas. These interviews made it possible to assess satisfaction with the quality of service provided by ANA, particularly with regard to customer management, infrastructure adequacy, operational management and commercial offer.





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