Demand projection study for El Loa Airport at Calama


In this consultancy study, VTM was selected to support and assist Sacyr / Agunsa in the preparation of some the necessary information to bid on the public tender regarding the Calama Airport Concession.

The main objective of the assignment was to produce a dynamic tool for modelling the relationships between the dependent variable – air traffic – and a set of independent explanatory variables that could explain variations in air traffic. For this purpose, an in-depth investigation and study of the asset was carried out and, subsequently, VTM developed a regression model which was used to obtain medium to long term demand projections.

To finalize this study, VTM also included uncertainty tests and a sensitivity analysis under basic assumptions considered to be the most appropriate for the nature of the asset analysed.

Summarising, the work carried out by VTM focused on two main deliverables:

  • A passenger demand and operations projection model
  • A final report with the methodology used, relevant considerations and analysis of the study.





Sacyr and Agunsa


Airports and aviation


Bid support