Demand and revenue study for Chacalluta Airport at Arica


In this consultancy study, VTM was selected to support and assist Sacyr and Agunsa in the preparation of the necessary information to bid on the public tender regarding the Arica Airport Concession.

One of the main objectives of the study was to produce a dynamic tool for modelling the relationships between the dependent variable – air traffic – and a set of independent explanatory variables that could explain variations in air traffic. Then, based on demand projections, on the history of subcontracts for space concessions at the terminal and on the history of revenues received at each asset, VTM also worked on revenue projections, subdivided into aeronautical and non-aeronautical. To finalize, the study also included uncertainty tests under basic assumptions considered to be the most appropriate for the nature of the assets analysed.

In a general way, the work carried out by VTM focused on three main deliverables:

  • A passenger demand and operations projection model
  • A revenue projection model
  • A final report with the methodology used, relevant considerations and analysis of the study.

Further projects of this kind were carried out internationally by VTM in the recent years.





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