Demand study for the implementation of a BRT in Braga


VTM was engaged by Transportes Urbanos de Braga (TUB) to conduct a demand study for a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system in Braga. The study aimed to support the client in assessing the feasibility of implementing such a system in the city. In 2021, TUB, in collaboration with Braga’s Municipal Council, had already developed a conceptual study and a pre-feasibility analysis for a BRT system. VTM’s study was designed to delve deeper into these preliminary analyses. It proposed that the new BRT system should serve as the backbone of a modern public transport network in Braga and contribute to reducing the city’s carbon footprint.

The primary objective of VTM’s mandate was to assist TUB in evaluating the viability of the proposed BRT system. This involved a multi-faceted approach, including identifying and prioritising the routes to be implemented. The study also aimed to assess the impact of the BRT system on current users of other public transport options and those who rely on individual motorised transport.

The study covered various dimensions of urban mobility and transport planning, including demographic and mobility pattern analyses. A macroscopic simulation was conducted using PTV Visum to assess the demand on dozens of line and station alternatives for the BRT system. Innovative data analytics, such as mobile phone location data, were employed, and a script was developed to estimate Origin-Destination (OD) matrices from public transport automated fare collection databases. An operational model was subsequently developed, which allowed for the estimation of commercial speed and fleet size. These diverse components collectively contributed to a comprehensive understanding of the project’s feasibility and impact.

VTM successfully completed the study using an appropriate methodology and a team of experienced professionals. The study revealed high economic and commercial potential for the BRT system, thereby meeting the objectives set out in their mandate. Throughout the project, VTM worked closely with TUB to ensure that the study’s findings could lead to a successful future implementation of the BRT system in Braga.





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