Transtejo public service contract management and KPIs


VTM was appointed by Transtejo, the ferry operator that provides ferry services connecting the two banks of the Tagus River in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, to assist in managing and calculating key performance indicators included in the public service contract and conducting the user satisfaction survey.

Transtejo – Transportes Tejo, S.A. has signed a public service contract for the ferry services for passengers and vehicles with the Portuguese State under the terms of Law no. 52/2015 of 9 June, which approved the Legal Framework for the Public Passenger Transport Service (RJSPTP), under a concession regime. This contract imposes obligations to provide periodic information to the Granting State and the regulatory body, the Mobility and Transport Authority (AMT).

VTM’s team developed a big-data framework that handles all the clients’ validations and all the vessels’ activities to produce the required KPI established by the contract. In addition, VTM promoted inquiries with the public on Transtejo’s stations to gather the necessary information to perform the statistical analysis of users’ satisfaction.





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