Bid support for the local and regional bus lines services in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area


Scotturb appointed VTM to assist in preparing bids for the public tender to provide public road passenger transport services in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area. As the region’s transport authority, the Lisbon Metropolitan Area (AML) launched a public tender in 2019 to contract the public passenger transport service in its territory.

The tender includes the submission of autonomous and independent proposals for four lots. In total, the public tender embraced 15 municipalities and 578 bus lines. The contract model was a gross cost contract with a 7-year term.

VTM conducted a series of technical analyses to support the client’s decision-making process, for instance, a high-level fleet sizing, estimation of required human resources, evaluation of investment values and operating costs broken down by lot, financial modelling of the concession, bid evaluation criteria and support on the bid strategy. It is noteworthy that our client was the winner of one of the lots.


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