Is free-of-charge transport a means of promoting sustainability?

14th March 2024
By Filipe Viegas

We are proud to highlight VTM Global’s participation in the transformative “A Gratuitidade nos Transportes Públicos” (The Free Public Transportation) conference, where our partner, Nuno Soares Ribeiro, moderated a discussion on “Políticas de financiamento da gratuitidade dos serviços” (Policies of Financing the Gratuity of Services).

This event, a collaboration with Oeiras Municipality and key partners, explored the ground-breaking potential of offering free public transport as a means to promote sustainable mobility and tackle climate change.

VTM Global is at the forefront of advocating for innovative transport solutions that prioritize sustainability and accessibility. Through Nuno’s leadership in this discussion, we have underscored our commitment to encouraging dialogues that shape impactful policies and practices in the transportation sector.

This conference not only served as a platform for meaningful discourse but also reinforced the importance of collaboration between public and private entities to address environmental and social challenges.

 Join us in celebrating this step towards a more sustainable, accessible future in transportation.