Nuno Soares Ribeiro

In the last 30+ years, Nuno has been providing advice to clients in all sectors of the transport industry

Nuno has 30+ years of professional experience and provides advice to clients concerning new investments and operations of transport systems, focusing on all modes of transport and infrastructures – airports, toll and free roads, light and heavy rail transport, urban public transport systems, ports and logistics.

Nuno holds a degree in Civil Engineering (IST in Portugal), an MSC in Transport (Imperial College – UK) and attended the Executive Course in Harvard – Infrastructure in a Market Economy. Over the last two decades, Nuno has been involved in the preparation of demand and revenue studies for relevant transport infrastructure and service projects across Europe, the Americas and Africa.

These projects include airports, public transport systems (BRTs, LRTs, Metros, rail, buses), roads (shadow toll, toll, variable and dynamic tolls / managed lanes) and ports. Experience covers sponsors, investors, public sector and lenders.


Fluent in Portuguese, English and Spanish and working level of French

Key experiences

Demand and revenue studies in transport infrastructures and services

Transport system planning and design

Primary and secondary market advice

Joined VTM

Nuno joined VTM in 1997