Inauguration of the Concession of the El Loa Airport at Calama, Chile

3rd October 2023
By João Couto

We are overjoyed to congratulate our esteemed clients, Sacyr Chile and AGUNSA, on the inauguration of the concession of the El Loa Airport at Calama, Chile. It is a significant achievement that reflects their dedication, expertise, and the vision to transform the future of aviation in the region and in the whole country.

At VTM, we take immense pride in having been a part of this remarkable journey. We were privileged to support Sacyr Chile and Agunsa in the elaborate process of bidding for this concession, overcoming challenges like the impact of the Covid pandemic on air traffic forecasts.

This achievement reaffirms VTM’s commitment to excellence in transportation consulting. We are ready to be your trusted partner in all matters relating to transport operations, transportation infrastructure management or transactions and high-level strategic analysis.

Learn more about our active role in this project here: Demand projection study for El Loa Airport at Calama.

Further information on the inauguration of the concession was published by Sacyr.