Technical studies and Public-Private Partnership (PPP) structuring for a port in Guinea-Bissau


The Republic of Guinea-Bissau is one of the poorest and least developed countries of Western Africa. The construction of a deep-water port at Buba will address a multifaceted need for infrastructure development in the country, as part of a concerted effort to address peace and economic prosperity in the whole region, to be complemented by investments in rail & road that interconnect its countries and economies in a medium-term time horizon. The implementation of this project would greatly contribute to promoting regional integration, for example, exporting Bissau Guinean bauxite and other products from the country at a competitive cost.

TPF, a major engineering and construction firm in Portugal appointed VTM for the preparation of the Economic and Financial feasibility studies, for the structuring of the private-public partnership of the construction of a deep-water port at Buba, Guinea-Bissau. In addition, VTM prepared documentation regarding capacity building for the local policy makers.

Given the political instability of the country, a firm decision on whether to advance with the investment in the construction of BubaPort is still on-hold.





Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy / African Development Bank


Ports and maritime


Feasibility and impact studies