Demand projections due dilligence study for Puerto Montt Airport


VTM was selected by the Sacyr / Agunsa Consortium to assist them in reviewing the necessary information to bid on the public tender regarding the Puerto Montt Airport Concession.

The main objective of the study was to perform a Due Dilligence on air traffic projections developed internally by the Client team. In order to do so, VTM worked on an extensive characterisation of the asset and its environment, which served as the basis to understand historical demand values and then evaluate the Client demand projection model. This analysis started with a vision as macro as possible, on a nationwide scale, and progressed into a more focused vision of the Puerto Montt Airport.

To complement the Due Dilligence, VTM also developed uncertainty tests and a basic risk analysis based on some basic assumptions considered to be the most appropriate for the nature of the asset in study.





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