Client profile study and competition evaluation for the parking lots of five international airports


This project was designed by the Non-Aviation Commercial Department of ANA Aeroportos and awarded to VTM in order to assist ANA in the development of two different studies, as set out below.

  1. Study of the perceived quality in the ANA car parking lots of five internationl airports, whose main objectives are:
    • Assess quality perceived by car parking lot users
    • Ensure that the available offer meets the needs of airport car parking lot users and, in this way, optimize the profitability of these infrastructures.
  2. Study of the car parking lots customer profile and competition assessment at three ANA international airports, with the main purpose of:
    • Obtaining information to support the performance of a parking lot product segmentation study
    • Understanding passenger habits regarding the means of transport to the airport, focusing on the use of the car – whether private, ride or TVDE (Uber, Bolt, among others).

Summarising, this service provision includes the following activities: carrying out fieldwork; preparation and format of the collected data; data processing and analysis; preparation of analysis reports.





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