ACI’s Airport Service Quality survey program at five international airports


VTM was selected as the service provider responsible for conducting the Airport Service Quality (ASQ) survey programme, designed and worldwide coordinated by Airports Council International (ACI). This programme is part of the Airport Service Quality Regimen (RQSA) of the ANA Concession Contract and is subdivided into two projects: ASQ Departures and ASQ Arrivals.

The main objective of this ASQ Survey programme is to carry out passenger satisfaction surveys in five Portuguese international airports, based on their experience in each airport infrastructure. Subsequently, ACI uses the data collected from over 200 airports around the world to benchmark and publish performance rankings of the participating airports.

The main difference between ASQ Departures and ASQ Arrivals is that on departure passengers complete their own surveys, while on arrival the surveys are conducted in an interview format, conducted by a specialist field operator.

The role of VTM in this project is to plan the fieldwork, recruit and manage the teams needed for the survey campaigns, manage the fulfilment of objectives and adjust the sample to be collected, and produce monthly databases and presentations of results.





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