The Portuguese international airports have already recovered 2019 air traffic figure

9th July 2023
By João Couto

At VTM we closely follow the developments in the Aviation & Airports market. It is extremely important for us to keep abreast of market trends so to be always well prepared to provide services with the excellence level expected by our clients.

Looking at the various geographies in which we are present, we highlight the Portuguese international airports, where we have been working for almost 20 years, and which have already recovered 2019 air traffic figure. It has been an extraordinary year so far, driven by the tourism boom in this geographical region. However, not all European airports have fully recovered from pre-pandemic demand levels, as presented by EUROCONTROL in the attached publication.

These regular Eurocontrol reports are one of the many sources of information that help our dedicated Aviation & Airports team to stay up-to-date with market developments and the latest industry trends.