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The ease of movement of both people and goods is an indicator of modern societies’ development stage. We at VTM believe that the importance of this indicator will continue to grow and that transport systems, as the physical support for movement for people and goods, will pose societies increasingly complex political, technical, technological, environmental, economic and financial challenges.

We understand well these challenges and believe we have been, and will continue to be, the adequate partner of governments, public sector agencies and companies, private companies and investors and financial institutions in designing and implementing solutions that will ensure long term improvement and sustainability to the way transport systems are designed, implemented and operated.

We believe our mission is to serve our clients with a permanent focus in short, medium and long term success. We believe such success is achieved by working with independence, competence and in absolute discretion, as well as by leveraging the career path of our team based on the values we believe in and on which we base our market presence. Our mission is performed with the commitment and dedication of a multidisciplinary and multicultural team based on our Lisbon and Madrid offices, who reflect the values of the firm in present and future challenges in any geographical and cultural context.

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