Tiago Pimentel

Senior Associate Director
Tiago is responsible for offering insights and expert advice to clients on the socioeconomic and financial appraisal of investment projects, as well as their strategic evaluation and transaction advisory

Tiago holds a degree in Civil Engineering specializing in Transport Systems, complemented by an MBA at LisbonMBA Católica|Nova. He has also undertaken various professional development courses, particularly in Transport Planning, Public-Private Partnership (PFI/PPP) schemes, and the Management of High-Speed Systems.

Tiago is a transport specialist with over 20 years of experience in high-level business consulting, transport operations analysis, transport economics, and strategic evaluations. As a Senior Associate Director, he advises our clients on strategic planning in the transportation sector. His responsibilities include business consulting, transaction advisory, the development of business models, and the socioeconomic and financial appraisal of investment projects.

From late 2019 until April 2024, Tiago served as advisor and Chief of Staff to Portuguese Government cabinets. In this role, he played a key part in formulating policies in the transport and mobility sector and oversaw the application of European Structural Funds in Portugal.

Tiago has extensive international experience and has represented VTM in numerous projects across Europe and Africa. He has also worked on transport R&D projects and has maintained relations with international multilateral organizations.


Portuguese (native), English, Spanish and French

Key experiences

Transport economics

Business consulting and transaction advice

Transport systems planning and design

Economic modelling and forecasting | Cost-Benefit Analysis

Strategic planning and business case development

Assessment of transport systems environmental externalities

Evaluation of transport systems efficiency

Joined VTM

Tiago was part of the team between 2003 and 2019. He rejoined VTM in 2024