Rui Rocha

Rui is involved in projects concerning public transportation operations and networks

Rui holds a BSc in Geography and Planning from the University of Minho, and he also completed a MSC in Transport Planning from the University of Westminster. His master’s dissertation was focused on aviation route development.

Throughout his career, Rui has primarily focused on fields such as sustainable mobility, Cartography, field survey and GIS analysis. Over the past five years he has been involved in bus operations planning in Spain and Portugal.

His role was related both to daily operations and to executing operations plans for upcoming ventures. Rui has also developed skills in monitoring operational constraints (such as legal driving times), team management and continuous improvement.

Rui has also gained experience in Portugal, Spain, The United Kingdom, Kuwait and The British Virgin Islands.

Currently, at VTM, he is engaged in projects related to public transportation, including planning, management, and operations.


Portuguese, English and Spanish

Key experiences

Bus operations planning
Fleet and personnel dimensioning studies
Fleet management
Driving legal times monitoring
Continuous improvement studies
Team management
Spatial and Network analysis on GIS

Joined VTM

Rui joined VTM in 2024