Manuel Líbano Monteiro

Manuel advises clients on real estate developments and large-scale events in their organization and licensing of projects

Manuel Líbano Monteiro is a graduate engineer with 35 years’ experience in the transport infrastructure sector.

His professional career began in the transport sector, having worked for the state-owned companies. He was also responsible for accessibility and parking at EXPO’98 before joining the VTM team.

With extensive experience in planning and operations, Manuel has focused on advising clients in the area of property development and major events, mitigating traffic impacts, organizing and operating parking lots and operating urban public transport systems.

In addition, he attended the Business Management Program in the area of management.


Mother tongue Portuguese, intermediate in French and English

Key experiences

Traffic and Acessibility Studies

Mobility Plans

Operation of parking lots

Operation of urban public transport

Joined VTM

Manuel joined VTM in 1999