Filipe Viegas

Associate Director
Filipe leads the modeling team. His experience includes planning and designing transportation systems, demand and revenue studies, and multimodal microscopic simulation.

Filipe Viegas serves as an Associate Director, with a specialised focus on transport modelling. He earned his master’s degree in civil engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico, with an emphasis on Transport Systems and Urbanism. Beyond his academic achievements, Filipe is a certified trainer in transport modelling, a distinction he earned from PTV Group.

With over 13 years of experience in transport consultancy, Filipe leads the modelling team. His contributions span numerous projects in transport modelling and traffic engineering. His areas of expertise encompass the planning and design of transportation systems, demand and revenue studies for road concessions and public transport systems, and multimodal microscopic simulation of vehicles and pedestrians. Filipe’s work is distinguished by his successful use of big data, such as mobile phone data and GPS information, to enhance the value and accuracy of transport models.

Filipe’s professional experience extends across multiple continents, with projects in Europe (Portugal, Spain, Italy), the Americas (USA, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Colombia), and Africa (Angola, Uganda, Mozambique). Beyond his project work, Filipe has been instrumental in training technical teams in macroscopic modelling of transport systems and microsimulation of vehicles and pedestrians, with courses conducted in Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique, and Kenya.


Mother tongue Portuguese, fluent in English and Spanish; basic French

Key experiences

Demand and revenue studies for transport infrastructures and services

Macroscopic and microscopic transport modelling

Transport modelling trainings and courses

Joined VTM

Filipe joined VTM in 2020