Diana Furtado

Senior Consultant
Diana is a valuable member of our transport modelling team, having gained experience in multimodal demand modelling.

Diana Furtado holds a master’s degree in civil engineering with specialization in routes and transportation from Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa, where she developed her master’s thesis on the transport modelling field. Diana is currently completing a master’s degree in Data Science and Advanced Analytics with specialization in Data Science, by Universidade Nova de Lisboa’s Information Management School.

Diana is a senior consultant at VTM, where she is part of the modelling team. She is responsible for modelling transport networks in infrastructure projects and transport services, supporting its evaluation. She has contributed to traffic and demand study projects in Mexico, Colombia, Uganda and Portugal.

Diana has experience in using different softwares in macrosimulation (PTV Visum, Emme and Saturn) and microsimulation (Legion and PTV Vissum) studies.

Prior to joining VTM, Diana worked for an industry-leading engineering consultancy in London (UK) on transport modelling for transport infrastructure projects in the UK and Canada. Diana was seconded to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) to develop a new transport model for the MRT3 circular line, with the aim of linking the existing Klang Valley lines.


Native Portuguese, fluent in English, basic Spanish

Key experiences

Demand and revenue studies

Multimodal modelling

Demand modelling

Pedestrian modelling

Joined VTM

Diana joined VTM in 2021