Diana Botelho

Diana is an expert in modelling and GIS tools in traffic impact studies, demand and revenue studies and concession planning

Diana Botelho graduated in Civil Engineering from the Lisbon Higher Institute of Engineering and completed her studies specializing in Transport and Communications at the same institute.
She has acquired knowledge in Project Management Professional (PMI – PMP), Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and recently, Artificial Intelligence (AI).

With experience in traffic engineering, modelling, transport planning, signalling, traffic management, and mobility planning for special events, she excels in creating detailed simulations for vehicles, public transportation (road/railway for passengers/goods), and pedestrians.

At VTM, she serves as an expert in traffic flows, focusing on PTV Vissim, Viswalk and Vistro microsimulation software, and has carried out numerous simulation and traffic modelling challenges in traffic impact studies, demand and revenue studies to support road concession bids and transport system concession planning. Additionally, she works as a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) analyst, performs macrosimulation studies using PTV Visum software and participates on traffic impact studies and capacity analysis using HCM and HCS methodology.

She is responsible for projects of municipal solid waste collection and optimization. She has experience in studies conducted in Europe, Americas and Africa.


Portuguese native speaker, fluent in English, basic Spanish

Key experiences

Geographic information systems (GIS)

Modelling of transport systems and traffic signaling (Vissim, Viswalk and Vistro)

Planning and design of transport systems and infrastructures

Demand and revenue studies

Municipal solid waste collection and optimisation

Joined VTM

Diana joined VTM in 2020