Pedro Rodrigues holds a Masters’ degree in Civil Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon, with a specialization in Urban Planning and Transport Systems. During his Master Thesis, Pedro shifted towards the field of data science and blended it with transport systems, collecting data from a taxi company to build complex machine learning and econometric predictive models for short-term demand taxi demand in the city of Lisbon.

He has developed and published academic work on the application of ARIMA Models and Neuronal Networks in Lisbon’s on-demand transport systems, with emphasis on big data collection and the creation of compound and extensive databases.

Pedro has advanced analytical skills in data collection and processing, data manipulation, as well as organization of big databases created to support the evaluation and optimization of transport systems and model building techniques.

Languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish

Key Experience:

  • Programming languages such as Python and R.
  • Different tools usage for Quantitative and statistical analysis (like Statistica and RStudio), Data visualization (like ggplot2 and Tableau), Data mining like Rapid Miner, Geographic Information Systems like QuantumGIS to support decision-making process.
  • SQL and NoSQL databases.
  • Time series analysis and demand forecast using econometric and machine learning methods like ARIMA and Neural Networks.

Pedro Rodrigues joined VTM in 2019