Demand and revenue study for the new multi-storey car park tender at the Niño Jesús Pediatric Hospital in Madrid


A major engineering and construction firm appointed VTM as its traffic and revenue advisor in view of bidding for the public tender related to a multi-storey car park to be built and exploited within the Hospital Pediátrico Niño Jesús of Madrid.

The car park is intended to serve both hospital users and the general public. The demand study thus focussed on the diverse parking needs (frequency and length of stay as well as time distribution) of hospital staff, patients, neighbourhood residents and visitors – be them for shopping, professional services, restaurants or visits to the Retiro urban park.

The quantification of demand for each user segment was made in parallel with the analysis of parking supply (in terms of quantity and prices) and related critical issues, also thanks to site surveys and interviews. The current latent demand was then estimated and distributed along the average day; furthermore, some assumptions were made on its future evolution and users’ willingness to pay. Also taking into account the Client’s bid strategy, a projection of parking revenues was obtained the concession timespan.

The full examination carried out of each aspect of demand and supply proved a solid ground for the Client’s decisions when putting together their offer.







Parking and traffic impact


Bid support