VTM at the Public Passenger Service Contracts conference

15th January 2024
By Pedro Agrochão
VTM was present on January 9th at the conference organized by AMT, the Portuguese Authority for Mobility and Transport, titled “First-Generation Public Passenger Service Contracts – Balance and Outlook” – where perspectives (and concerns) of various public transport operators, granting authorities, as well as other relevant entities in the sector were heard.

After a day of presentations and discussion, the conference’s assessment indicates that there is still work to be done, both on the side of the granting authorities and the concessionaires, to ensure that contracts are fulfilled without (major) hitches. Various challenges were identified by different stakeholders.

These challenges include, for example, the correct adjustment of contract remuneration to enable operators to meet the investment required in the specifications. There is also a need for capacity building not only for operators but also for municipalities and intermunicipal communities, both in terms of human and technological resources, to address the various needs imposed by the new contracts, among other challenges faced by different entities.

VTM has extensive experience advising various players in the public passenger transport sector, participating on both the grantor and concessionaire sides in various first-generation tenders. Thus, it is in a privileged position to assist its clients in preparing for or bidding on the remaining contracts of this first generation, as well as in future second-generation contracts.