Our Team grows

17th October 2023
By Riccardo Mattei

We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to our talented team at VTM – Niccolò da Settimo Passetti, who has recently joined us as Senior Consultant!

With his addition, VTM moves one important step forward in the growth of the recently founded Milan office.

With an academic background in management and economics, Niccolò brings 7 years of experience in the strategic advisory business, mainly in transport infrastructure and public sector in Italy and internationally.

In fact, along his professional growth at Business Integration Partners, LeighFisher / Jacobs and Artur D. Little, he was mainly involved in due diligences, transactions and market studies in Italy, EMEA, USA and Asia advising several major infrastructure providers, investment funds and transport operators for strategic transport schemes. In the public sector, he worked in projects of process reengineering, and planning and monitoring of public works.

His expertise mainly relates to demand and revenue studies including traffic forecasting, market and business analysis, complex quantitative analyses, and modelling.