VTM on the side of the EU for gender equality in transport

28th June 2023
By Ana Rita Lynce

Last week, Brazil’s “Guarded Bus Stop” outdoor campaign was awarded a gold lion at the Cannes Lions Festival, the “Oscars” of the media, marketing and creativity industry.

This recognition highlights the importance of promoting gender equality in the transport sector by addressing travellers’ security perceptions, one of the most critical aspects determining travel satisfaction.

In this context, VTM participated in the European project TInnGO (https://www.tinngo.eu/) where an intersectional approach has been adopted to analyse people’s mobility experiences in 10 European Hubs: Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Greek, German, Baltic, Scandinavian, UK and Romanian.

One of the outcomes was that without proper disaggregated data collection and analysis, characterising both men’s and women’s daily journeys, it is impossible to implement gender-sensitive strategies in transportation planning and design like this “Guarded Bus Stop” outdoor campaign.

VTM aims to help its clients in decision-making to ensure all voices and perspectives are heard and considered when shaping transport policies and initiatives.