Susana Mascarenhas holds a Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Lisbon School of Engineering (IST), having specialised in Planning and Transport. Susana Mascarenhas trained in Transport Network Modelling and Simulation at the MIT (Boston MA, 2010) and attended training sessions on mathematical tools for data analysis.

Susana Mascarenhas has extensive experience in the building and using of multimodal demand forecasting models, focusing on road transport models, having built and used several traffic macro- and microsimulation models in different geographical regions, namely Portugal, Georgia (Caucasus), Brazil, Mexico and Mozambique. Susana Mascarenhas also has experience in accessibility and mobility studies/plans, as well as circulation and parking studies pertaining to several types of premises.

Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English and French.

Key Experience

  • Transport system modelling – building, use and analysis of multimodal transport system demand forecasting models;
  • Microsimulation;
  • Traffic and revenue forecasting and analysis;
  • Socio-demographic analysis.

Susana Mascarenhas joined VTM in 2001.