Senior Consultant

Rodrigo Fernandez Aguilera holds a Degree in Civil Engineering from the Universidad de Chile and a MSc in Transport from the Imperial College of Science and Technology and Medicine (University of London). Rodrigo Fernandez Aguilera is Member of the Chilean Transport Engineer Society.

He started his academic career in 1986 at the Civil Engineering Department of the Universidad de Concepción (Chile) where he founded the Transportation Engineering Division. Later he moved to the Civil Engineering Department of the University of Chile, where he was head of the Transportation Division. In 2006 he joined the University of the Andes (Santiago, Chile), being Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences for some years and is currently a Full Professor of said academic unit, where he dictates the courses of Vehicle Flow Theory, Engineering and Traffic Management, Urban Road Project, among others.

Modelling of traffic to support the design of facilities for public transport, traffic management and road safety, stand out as the areas where he has concentrated a substantial part of his professional activity.

His experience and reputation in Latin America have allowed him to participate in a multitude of transportation engineering studies as an independent consultant.

He is the author of two books, three chapters in other publications, in addition to having more than thirty publications in specialized journals, and more than seventy articles in national and international congresses.

Languages: Spanish and English.

Key Experience

  • Formulate and solve applied research problems
  • Teaching and training in traffic engineering subjects
  • Advise private and public companies on issues of transport engineering

Rodrigo Fernandez Aguilera joined VTM in 2018.