Miguel Silva is responsible for advising clients in the fields of highways and freight transport / logistics. MSc/BSc in Mechanical Engineering by Universidade Nova de Lisboa, with specialization studies (MBA) in Logistics, by IST/ISCTE/FEUP, Transportation Modeling (MIT – Cambridge MA; PTRC – London UK) and PFI/PPP schemes (Due Diligence in PPP / PFI projects – UMI, Austria).  

18 years of experience in transportation. Involvement in transport planning’s project management in road, rail and airport sectors, advising clients in public and private sectors alike. Responsible for scenarios development on the evolution of transport demand in particular systems, or at a global level; transportation systems’ traffic and revenue projections, for various types of applications, namely concession tenders, assets valuation and transactions, litigations or debt refinancing; Analyzes on the operational performance of transport systems; current and future competitiveness evaluation of European transport equipment and services offer, while participating in research projects funded by the European Commission.

Holds relevant international experience in Europe (Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Georgia), LATAM (Brazil, Mexico) and Africa (Mozambique, Cape Verde and Sao Tome and Principe). Author of communications to national and international conferences of reference in the transport sector.

Languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English

Key experience:

  • Advisories on road concession’s traffic and revenue foresight: tendering, operating, contract renegotiation, litigation and arbitration phases;
  • Strategic analysis in freight and logistics sector; Development of several freight transport studies in road, rail and air modes.;
  • Transport Demand patterns analysis and simulation. Transport system’s modeling, using international reference; forecasting, economic and risk analyses;
  • R&D projects in transport – Horizon 2020 and 7th Framework Program.


Miguel Silva joined VTM in 2001