João Afonso Couto holds a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Lisbon School of Engineering (IST), having specialized in Urban Planning and Transport. Developed his knowledge in the airport sector through his master’s thesis, in which he built a simulation model for representation, analysis and presentation of improvement proposals for an airport baggage handling system.

Has extensive experience in data collection, organization and processing, and in the analysis of complex databases created for the purpose of supporting transport system assessment and optimization processes, coordinating teams in field works, statistical analysis and risk analysis.

João Afonso Couto has been involved in projects in which he had the opportunity to attain a broader view of the transport sector in Europe and Latin America, by having investigated and worked directly with databases related to infrastructures and services of air, road and rail transportation.

Languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Key Experience

  • Characterization studies of supply plans and development of financial analysis models for transport infrastructures and services;
  • Information analysis and processing for the development of demand forecasting models and risk analysis;
  • Evaluation studies of the satisfaction with services and infrastructures in the context of transport engineering;
  • Business intelligence and analytics;
  • Discrete event modelling for transportation systems.

João Afonso Couto joined VTM in 2017