Isabel Pimenta is responsible for providing assistance to clients in the fields of public transport and urban mobility. Isabel Pimenta holds a Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Lisbon School of Engineering (IST), completed a post-graduation course in Transport (IST) and attended the First Advanced Public-Private Partnership Programme (Catholic University of Lisbon), in addition to having attended several international training sessions on rail market studies.

Boasting vast experience in public transport system planning and operations, Isabel Pimenta has participated in all public transport concessions/franchise projects undertaken in the Lisbon and Porto Metropolitan Areas since 1999, having provided assistance to the public and private sectors. Over the last decade, Isabel Pimenta integrated teams responsible for conducting large urban/metropolitan mobility studies, involving multimodal modelling. Possessing in-depth knowledge of Portuguese transport system operations, Isabel Pimenta has been involved in several projects aimed at maximising value, having recently focused on the implementation of the Legal Regime applicable to Public Passenger Transport Services (Law 52/2015) in Portugal. Additionally, Isabel Pimenta has extensive experience in project management and multidisciplinary team coordination. Previous experience covers also public transport operations in Africa.

Isabel Pimenta is an experienced executive trainer and has delivered several presentations at prestigious national and international transport sector congresses.

Languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Key Experience

  • Provision of assistance with public transport privatisation processes, including market demand, revenue, supply and operational models;
  • Implementation of the EU Directive 1370 (2009) and of the Public Passenger Public Transport (Law 52/2015 – RJSPTP);
  • Public transport system planning and operations – heavy and light rail transit (LRT), bus rapid transit (BRT), bus networks and river transport;
  • Multimodal transport system modelling;
  • Behavioural modelling – stated preference survey design and analysis;
  • Contract negotiation/renegotiation: advisory to public and private sector clients;
  • Competitive tendering: advisory to public and private sector clients.

Isabel Pimenta joined VTM in 1999.