A qualified road, canal and port engineer by the Polytechnic University of Madrid, David Perez holds a Master’s Degree in transport and infrastructure, equipment and service management from the same university. David Perez boasts almost 20 years of professional experience.

Having focused in the transport sector, more specifically on licensing and public-private partnerships, David Perez occupied several relevant positions in transport sector companies, where he was responsible for procurement and the development of new opportunities. In 2014, David Perez refocused on consulting and in 2016 joined VTMN as a Partner.

David Perez’s vast experience in the infrastructure industry, where he occupied different positions, provided him with a wide and in depth understanding of the sector and a global insight into the various goals pursued, allowing him to develop solutions that meet the needs and expectations of the various stakeholders.

Over his professional career, David Perez has participated in operations and projects across several countries, in four continents, namely in Ireland, Portugal, Italy and Spain, in Europe; the United States and Mexico, in North America; Turkey and India, in Asia; and Costa Rica, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil and Chile, in Central and South America.

David Perez has been involved in several operations in the primary and secondary markets, concerning all types of infrastructures (roads, airports, public buildings, council estates, transport systems, etc.), and has experience in the leading and supervising demand studies and mobility plans in almost all of the aforementioned countries, having conducted several transport engineering studies.

Languages: Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Key Experience

  • Provision of assistance with greenfield and brownfield investments and transport system infrastructures and their operations;
  • Provision of assistance with secondary market operations;
  • Demand and revenue studies in transport infrastructures and services;
  • Transport system planning and design.

 David Perez joined VTM in 2016.