David holds a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Lisbon School of Engineering (IST), having specialized in Urban Planning and Transport and acquired knowledge in Road Traffic Engineering and Railway Engineering. David has developed analytical skills for data management while working in his Master’s thesis, which consisted in statistical analysis to a method for the assessment of pedestrian accessibility and attractivity in urban areas.

Has extensive experience in data collection, organization and processing, and in the analysis of complex databases created for the purpose of supporting transport system assessment and optimization processes.

David has been involved in traffic impact, parking and circulation studies to support in providing advice to clients concerning the impact of traffic on real estate and/or retail estate building projects.

Additionally, David has professional experience in the operationalization of road traffic forecast models, having worked with models developed for several road concession projects where VTM has participated, since he joined the team.

Languages: Portuguese and English


Key Experience

  • Large database processing and analysis;
  • Traffic impact studies;
  • Circulation and parking studies;
  • Accessibility studies;
  • Demand forecast studies for road concession projects;


David Abreu joined VTM in 2017