Madalena holds a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), having specialized in Urban Planning, Transports and Systems. She has gained extensive knowledge of the urban mobility system in Portugal and Brazil, specially in public transport and the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan of Florianópolis while working on her master’s thesis. Madalena has worked in the UK for three years in the railway industry.

Madalena possesses extensive analytical skills in data collection, organization and processing, and in the analysis of complex databases with special focus on the analysis and management of public transport supply and demand databases, supporting on the implementation of the Legal Regime applicable to Public Passenger Transport Services (Law nr. 52/2015) in Portugal.

Languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Key Experience

  • Treatment, consolidation and analysis of large databases
  • Public Passenger Transport Service Contracting EU Directive 1370 (2009) and Portuguese (Law nr. 52/2015 – RJSPTP)
  • Public transport system planning and operations
  • Analysis and management of public transport infrastructure and services supply and demand data

Madalena Costa e Silva joined VTM in 2018.