Gabriel Stumpf has an undergrad degree in Civil Engineering by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and has a master’s degree in Transportation Engineering by COPPE/UFRJ, the biggest engineering research center in Latin America. Currently, he is conducting his Ph.D. in the MITPortugal program at Superior Technical Institute (IST) in the area of Transportation Systems. He started his career as an engineer working with transportation infrastructure projects, such as roadways and railroads design. After his master’s graduation, he carried out transportation planning projects (Mobility and Urban Master plans) to assist Brazilian municipalities.

Additionally, Gabriel has experience in economic regulation focused on transportation systems with participation in studies conducted to support the development of bus concessions at the urban and regional level in Brazil. Currently, he has been participating in projects regarding the implementation of the Legal Regime applicable to Public Passenger Transport Services (Law 52/2015) in Portugal focusing mainly on bus concessions. Gabriel also has teaching experience and has taught a course on urban mobility planning for the Rio de Janeiro State Court of Audit. He is the author of some papers in national and international congresses of reference in the sector.

Key Experience:

  • Urban and transportation planning studies: Urban Master Plans and Sustainable Mobility Plans.
  • Transportation Infrastructure Projects
  • Economic Regulation and Key Performance Indicators applied to transportation systems
  • Use of Geographic Information Systems to support the decision-making process.

Gabriel Stumpf joined VTM in 2019