João Gamboa holds a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from the Lisbon Institute of Engineering (ISEL), having also attended several training sessions on spatial analysis and GIS modelling. João Gamboa is responsible for data handling and analysis, municipal solid waste (MSW) collection and geographic data system (GIS) optimisation projects.

João Gamboa holds specialised analytical skills that allow him to use graph theory and artificial intelligence models in the strategic assessment and optimisation of municipal solid waste collection operations.

In recent years, João Gamboa has been involved in transport system and infrastructure analysis pertaining to several modes of transport, having provided support to several technical areas across VTM.

João Gamboa has extensive experience in data collection and management software development, large database processing and analysis automation, and production of reports and large result sets.

Languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Key Experience

  • Large and Very Large (Big) database processing and analysis;
  • Municipal solid waste collection system optimisation;
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS);
  • Transport system and infrastructure analysis;
  • Development of Java/Android, Python/Arcpy, VBA and SQL application design and automation software.

João Gamboa joined VTM in 2014.